Your fish shop in the heart of Smögen

Your fish shop in the heart of Smögen

Gösta, Sofia & Patrick in KAptenssalen, the top floor of Göstas Fiskekrog.

We know fish and seafood!


The story of Gösta’s as we know it today began nearly 100 years ago with the establishment of Rudolf Karlsson Fish Export AB on Kleven. The company was located on “the islet,” which we now call Kleven, and engaged in wholesale fish trading and fish canning. Gösta’s father, Eskil, worked there for his uncle Rudolf. When it was time for a generational shift, the cousins Eskil, Bertil, and Leif took over the business.

In 1961, when the Fish Auction moved from Kleven to its current location at Ringareskärstorget, Rudolf Karlsson Fish Export eventually relocated to premises in the fish hall on the other side of the harbor in Smögen.

Gösta is a third-generation fishmonger and has always maintained a commitment to quality, which continues to permeate the entire business today. Gösta himself was a fisherman in his youth and has extensive and broad experience in fish and seafood handling from the ground up.

In 2002, brand new premises were built right next to the fish hall, and in connection with this, a fish shop selling fresh fish and seafood was opened, which is open year-round. Next door to the shop, you’ll find Gösta’s Fish Restaurant, which opened its doors in 2010. More information about these businesses can be found at and

In 2006, Gösta’s son Patrik bought into the business, and in 2019, it was time for a generational shift when Gösta handed over the reins to his son Patrik Jansson and his wife Sofia. Together with their employees, they now run the business, which includes both a fish wholesaler, a fish shop, and a fish restaurant—all located in the heart of Smögen.

In October 2022, we changed our logo and the name of our wholesaler to Gösta’s Fish Wholesaler but chose to retain the company name Smögens Räk o Fiskgrossist AB.